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This magazine is to bring the best business people from Troy's circle of influence to yours. This is the group you want to surround yourself with to become the impactful and profitable leader you dream to be!

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Business Masters Volume 1

Welcome to the first edition of Business Masters Magazine. This publication is a place where you learn from great people, have the confidence to execute the strategies learned and be able to inspire others to learn the same way. The topic of issue one is "The Mystery of What Causes Determination to WIN!"


Buisness Masters Volume 2

Welcome to the 2nd Issue of Business Masters Magazine! The opportunity and support that we have received is absolutely humbling and we look forward to continuing to grow our supply of information so that we can Learn, Execute, and Inspire people. The topic of this issue is “The High Performance Habits that Keep you Calibrated and on the Right Track to Excellence”


Business Masters Volume 3

This issue is very exciting because of the topic, Defining Your Avatar. In this issue we speak to our guests to find our how they found their avatar (Dream Client) and what they suggest we do to find ours. This resonates with me because I was all over the map and really had to reach out to my friends in this magazine to understand who I could help and have the most fun doing that. As many people reading this know, I have been helping realtors, ag producers, investors, fitness trainers, network marketers, product developers, and on an on! What I needed to do was get more clear and more efficient so that I didn’t burn out or confuse my potential clients.


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