Are you ready to Create and Live Chapter 2 of your Life and Business?

Entrepreneur and Realtor Coaching & Consulting


Troy's program are all a fun deep dive process, designed to get you and your business the desired results quickly!

It is not just getting information, it is learning the application of the information that leads to transformation. Troy's systems will make you more money in less time which will create the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Or keep doing what you are doing now......results will be slow and stressful!

Troys' Signature program will help you:

CLOSE MORE deals and MAKE MORE money.
RE-MAP and redefine the outcome of the business.
RE-ENGAGE the resources you have.
RE-IGNITE the people of your business
Most importantly create the life you want with your family.

1:1 Coaching

Just you and Troy on video or phone. Very intimate, private, and customized sessions that get you liberating results. 

Learn how you can grow profit, have more freedom, and get the work life you deserve!

Group Coaching and Masterminds!

Video conference, or tele conference. Troy will guide your entire group and create massive team action.

Troy is a master at facilitating very productive group sessions and makes the time very fun!


Customized Consulting

Troy will evaluate any part of your business and design strategies to solve problems. This style is usually very results focused for a new launch, company structural change, or succession planning event.

More Support Than Just Coaching

After working with Troy and his team you will have clarity, strategy, and a defined path that leads to the success you are looking for!

Join to the list of raving fans and clients who RELY on Troy and his strategies!

Sales Training

Your message internally and externally will determine the outcome of corporate moral as well as the customer experience.

Troy has sold over $300 million and knows that every person in your company needs to know how to communicate and sell!

Customer Experience

Your customer is investing in you for the experience, not just buying or selling a property.

Learn how to create the experience that makes dealing with your company addictive! Your customers need to be raving fans, Troy will show you how!


Business Development

Developing new business or re-igniting existing business is a specialty of ours! Reach out for a winning perspective that will give you the results you need quickly.

Troy's team has helped hundreds of companies develop new business, all the way from a BRAND NEW company to launching a new idea in a fortune 500 company!

Strategy Session

Want to chat about how we can help you with your specific business problem?
Book a FREE strategy session call with Troy TODAY!


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