Welcome to Troy's "DEEP DIVE" 

1-to-1 Coaching Program


Are you concerned about your business never becoming successful and thriving?

Then, welcome to the Real Estate Masters Private Coaching Program – the path towards becoming a successful realtor and running a thriving business!

This program is called Deep Dive for a reason. Together, we will go through both your business and personal life in order to identify anything that is holding you back from becoming the realtor of your dreams. Once we identify your barriers, we then work towards creating your breakthrough.

Whether your personal life is bringing problems into your business, or your business is slowly derailing – Don’t worry! Register for the ‘Deep Dive’ program now to embark on your path to success by utilizing proven strategies that are backed by thousands of hours of training and numerous success stories.

Our Real Estate Masters Private 1-to-1 coaching is offered by application only in order to guarantee that you and Troy’s team are a perfect fit. Please note that the availability for this program is extremely limited due to its 1-to-1 basis.


Who is the “Deep Dive” program for?

This course is ideal for the professional or entrepreneur who requires personalized guidance for his business’s specific case.

How will the “Deep Dive” program help me?

The ‘Deep Dive’ program will unlock the potential of your business through a one-to-one program that will teach you how to get the business results you have been dreaming of whilst enjoying freedom in your personal life. Our personalized action plan will enable you to act effectively and achieve the results you want in a short timeframe.


A common reason for business failure is the lack of clearly defined business goals.

Troy will sort that by setting a clear, well-defined path for the future of your business. Based on his perennial experience and invaluable knowledge, Troy will produce an easy-to-follow plan that will massively enhance your chances of success.


A business without a consultant is like a football team without a coach. Doomed to fail. That’s why the vast majority of successful businesses employ a professional coach not only to guide them through the numerous business challenges, but also to help them out on the critical decisions that need to be taken.

All the experts in our program will be at your disposal to accommodate any questions and discuss any issues you might have in order to help you thrive as a businessman. The effectiveness of our program increases substantially as the guidance is personalized and specific to your needs.


How many times have you heard of people saying they’ll make a fresh start, only to see them fail the next week?

A personal coach prevents this from happening by being a fully supportive individual with the right mentality, ready to assist you in both a personal and business level. If this won’t ultimately fulfill your goals, then what is?


My mission doesn’t stop in teaching you my learnings from my own career and passing you on my knowledge. My mission is to also transfer you all my learnings from recognized individuals such as Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiosaki, and many others! 

I consider all my clients unique, and that’s why every coaching program offered is customized and personalized to your own personal needs. Our "deep dive" conversations will enable us to create a roadmap that will not only proactively remove any obstacles along the way, but it will also make the entire experience fun and entertaining. We will work on aligning every area of your life with our ultimate goal being creating the life and business you deserve.

When the program is finished you will have clarity on your personal and business strategies, and you will have learnt all marketing and sales techniques, open house strategies, and relationship building tips that you need for a thriving business!

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself, and get the coaching that will give you a high return of investment?



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