Troy's Story

My name is Coach Troy and I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself and give you a bit of insight as to who I am and explain where my passion to help people comes from and why I became a partner and consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute!
I am proud to be recognized as an expert on topics that produce outstanding results for professionals in both their personal lives and in their business. I am a Executive Coach, best selling author, speaker, and mindset expert for professionals of all walks of life!
Prior to 2011, I lived an average life. I was successful in terms of being happily married to my best friend, had an ok business, and an average income, but I really wasn't happy. I was living a life that was influenced by the cruel & negative people that I was surrounded by, and whom had the mentality that the only way to having success was to work hard for other people and not enjoy playtime until it was convenient for everyone but me. I would also say when you are in that state of mind, it is easier to find jealous competitors, rather than mentors and fans who are happy to help you succeed.

This lifestyle made me miserable and addicted to toxins like alcohol, limiting beliefs, and destructive conversations that challenged the relationship I had with myself, my family, my work team and my clients. 

Then in 2011 I DECIDED to change and start a new chapter in my life!

I decided that I could do anything I possible wanted and that no-one would ever tell me how I should be! I was done with being unfulfilled and without a clear path to my purpose and my actual passion. I went on a mission to learn how to permanently make a change in my life and live on the path that I wanted to choose without feeling like I required permission! I aligned with mentors like Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Brendon Burchard to learn what successful and high performance people did to be successful.

But for me there was still a missing clue, and I finally found it when I met Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher! These incredible people taught me the science behind my actions and beliefs and why I couldn’t seem to make a permanent change in my outcomes. It was my paradigm that was causing me the problem. I was so intrigued by this information I quickly enrolled into the Thinking Into Results program and studied it every single day, and have never stopped because of the results I get from doing so.

The results of this program helped me:

  • Create an exciting marriage with my wife and a family that is full of energy and mutual respect!
  • Increase my income by 11 times!
  • Grew my personal sales to over $400 million for the products & services I market.
  • Win awards from major companies and clients like John Deere, Fastenal Industrial Supplies, and many more!
  • Helped me see myself as a powerful person with freedom and potential to accomplish anything I put my mind too!
  • Inspire our 2 sons whom are successful Kidpreneurs because of using these same techniques.
  • Have clarity, purpose, and a path to the exact outcomes I will achieve.
  • Turn limitations into points of achievement!
  • Change my network of relationships of average to those of the top 10% in their field!
  • It’s time to invest in yourself and in your family, and commit to mastering the THINKING INTO RESULTS program, I promise you that you will get outcomes that will change the way people see you forever!
  • I am here to guide you through Bob’s program and show you exactly how to learn and execute the strategies that will give you the feeling of excitement and freedom you need to experience life on your terms and without having the weight of limiting beliefs holding you back!


Coach Troy

Now, I teach people like you - entrepreneurs, brand based businesses, coaches and leaders - to:





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