The Good Boss: How Empowering Leaders Create GREAT Teams



“The Good Boss" is someone who has a clear focus, inspiring language, and impactful actions that get results for their team.”  

 This book is purposely written with the intent of delivering crucial topics that are simple, credible, and tactful.  It is for anyone who is committed to being a Good Boss and not just interested when it is convenient for you.

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About the Author

Troy Aberle is a motivational coach, speaker, and success strategist.

 He is also the creator and author of the Creating and Living Chapter 2 of Your Life System and How I create Rockstar Salespeople

 His mission is to teach, inspire, and guide you to reach for the same levels of success by implementing his innovative system:

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Identify, maximize, and capitalize upon your core strengths- and develop new, high-value proficiencies quickly and effectively
  • Achieve goals in an authentic, ethical, and sustainable manner.
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